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Idina Menzel

Hi guys! So I’ve finally finished my sim! I hope you all enjoy! Click here¬†or the downloads button up at the top to be taken to the download and to see more pictures!


Pretty Shot

Fancy Collage


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Idina Menzel as Elphaba!

It’s been a while since I have created anything worth sharing (lots of schoolwork and whatnot…), but now the semester is winding down and I’ve started working on a new project! Over Spring Break this year, I saw the musical Wicked when it came near my house, and I have been addicted ever since… After seeing various performances of my favorite songs from the musical on the internet, I have come to the conclusion that Idina Menzel (the person who originated the role of Elphaba) is the best one that has ever played her, so I decided to sim-ify her. The sim is pretty much done, but I still need to make her an outfit. This is really the first time that I’ve ever made a sim that actually looks like who they are supposed to be!

Here’s a pic of Idina for reference:

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