White Cottage

The wonderful and illustrious DaveyDaVinci showed me this little house and I instantly said “I have to make this!” Here’s the real thing:http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2010/06/23/garden/20100624-chic-slideshow.html

It’s totally adorable! I wish I could live here in real life. But, sadly, that cannot be, so I’ll have to be satisfied with just building something similar. I didn’t want to copy it out right, so I just used the original as inspiration. I hope you all enjoy. I have playtested the lot and everything should work. Please let me know if it doesn’t.

This little house is made for one, solitary sim. Someone who just wants to be left alone. It comes at a price of around $26,000 and it is fully furnished.

Custom Content Included:

Old World Door by fway

Manor House plants by Phoenix_Phaerie

Stone floor by Ella

Recolorable stairs by Numenor

Porch set by Reyn

Plants by Macarossi

Plants by Khakidoo

Siding by Awesims

Lilac walls by Miss Simpleton

Rug by SIP

Hydrangeas by Reica15

Kitchen set, end table and bookcase by Buggybooz

Curtain and photo shelves by HolySimoly

Shrubby Shrubs by HystericalParoxysm


  1. #1 by kate on October 26, 2011 - 2:23 AM

    how beautiful! Thank you

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