Secret Santa Gift

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your friends and families!

I’m afraid to say that I haven’t had very much inspiration lately. My game is full of half finished lots that I just can’t seem to finish. However, I do have something for you all. This year, I participated in the Secret Santa exchange over at Black Pearl Sims. My elf was Sbelle and I made her a beachy/ contemporary house. She shared the unfurnished on over at BPS and I am going to share the fully furnished one here. All CC has been included as per the creators’s TOU.

CC used:

-Hydrangeas by Reica15 at MTS
-Siding by Honeywell at MTS
-Gearhead Windows by Leesester at MTS
-Windows by Fway at MTS
-Porch bits by Reyn at MTS
-Fence by HugeLunatic at Sims2Artists
-Kitchen by Buggybooz
-Walls by Tinkle
-Walls by Sixty-ten

-Furniture by SIP

-Furniture by Nemestaya

-Furniture by Buggybooz

Now on to the pictures!

In lieu of making this post a complete picspam post, you can check out some more pictures here.


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