Little Red Riding House

In this tiny house with maximum dimensions of 5 x 8 squares, there is a kitchen with a dining area, living area, bedroom and a bathroom. The little garden outside is perfect for a couple who just wants to relax outside. I have tested everything and it all worked for me. (On a side note, the paperboy put the newspaper inside, which was kind of weird, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.) The is a phone, smoke detector and burglar alarm. You can put a laptop on the dining room table, if you wish.
Please hit the thanks button or leave me a comment! They always make me happy! ūüôā Also, please let me know if you come across any issues!
The bedding is not included. You can get it here.
Lot Size: 1×1
Lot Price: 54,360
Custom Content by Me: РEnd-to-End Bedside Table
Custom Content Included:
РManor House Garden Lights and ivy plants by phoenix_phaerie
–¬†UpRite Column ¬†Corner Version by¬†HugeLunatic
РWhite Stairs by Reyn
РRed Snazzy horizontal and Vertical siding to match my craftsman shingles Awesims
РValspar Inspired Signature Colors by Miss Simpleton
РYou Got Planked Floor by Sarah*Rose
РPlantation Double Bed and Tivoli End Table by blake_boy
Рjapanese ajisai purple and white  by reica15
РBamboozle lamp and Shakerlicious Roundtable by buggybooz
– ‘Wall of Memories’ Shelf ¬†and Elegant Curtains by¬†Holy Simoly
РShrubby Shrubs by HystericalParoxysm
РModular Stairs by Numenor
Additional Credits:
Thank you so much to Leesester and all of the people who helped out in #create and my favorite Nintendorks.


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