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Next, by Michael Crichton, is another winner. He really did his research for this and definitely takes a stand on genetic testing.  Instead of throwing his opinion in your face, however, he presents his ideas on the matter and allows you to decide whether or not you agree. The novel can get kind of confusing at times because there are a lot of characters, but they are all inter-related in some way. It’s not a very action-packed book, but it kept me entertained in a different way.


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Airframe by Michael Crichton was an awesome book, to say the least. He really knows what he is talking about when he writes the books, rather than just making stuff up. If you know anything about airplanes, then you probably would appreciate this book!

This story is about a jetliner that experiences very weird stuff during a trans-pacific flight, resulting in millions of dollars of damage to the plane and passengers. It’s a race to find out what exactly happened to the plane on this horrible flight. While I wouldn’t call it edge-of-your-seat exciting, it was definitely a page-turner in a different sort of way.

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The Bourne Trilogy

The Bourne Trilogy by Robert Ludlum is a must read novel if you love action-packed, extremely awesome books! Throw out all notions given to you by the movies; the story is totally different. It is about a man who works as a deep cover agent for the American government, but is injured and loses his memory. After that, everything spins out of control. As I said, this is absolutely a must read book!

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