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Sea Breeze – TS3 House

This time I was inspired by the beach and my desire for a vacation… So here’s a lovely new beach house! Click here   (or click the downloads tab) to be taken to the download page and to see more pictures!



Dining Area


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Amy Pond and Rory Williams

Hello! I have a new set of sims for you – Amy Pond and Rory Williams! Click here to be taken to the download page and to see more pictures!





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Idina Menzel

Hi guys! So I’ve finally finished my sim! I hope you all enjoy! Click here or the downloads button up at the top to be taken to the download and to see more pictures!


Pretty Shot

Fancy Collage

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New Upload – The Nittany

Yay! I have a new house for you all! Enjoy! Click the picture to go to the download page.

Full Front

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Random Legacy Challenge

So I’ve read several people’s legacies, and the Random Legacy Challenge sounds like a lot of fun. However, I have a really hard time sticking to one family for any amount of time. I’ve decided to try to break this habit and try my hand at this challenge, but no promises on how it may turn out. If you want more information on the Random Legacy Challenge, click here. If you want to actually read the crazy antics that happen in my game, click here.

Here’s a peek at my founder!


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Amberline Cottage

Another new house for you all! Click on the picture to go to the page!


New Upload!

I finally got TS3 and have been working on something new for you guys… it’s a houseboat!

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Living Sims Bathroom Challenge

This was a fun little challenge where we were given a set of tips to making a better bathroom and were otherwise given free rein. You should all go check it out HERE!

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New pictures!

Go check them out under the Pictures page!

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Next, by Michael Crichton, is another winner. He really did his research for this and definitely takes a stand on genetic testing.  Instead of throwing his opinion in your face, however, he presents his ideas on the matter and allows you to decide whether or not you agree. The novel can get kind of confusing at times because there are a lot of characters, but they are all inter-related in some way. It’s not a very action-packed book, but it kept me entertained in a different way.

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